The Chatt Town Throw Down Round II Bouldering Competion

3 Mar

So I have been hired by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to create the promotional material for the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS): Appalachian Region Championship. This is a college rock climbing competition that will be taking place on Saturday March 5th, 2011 at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The competition is called the Chatt Town Throw Down: Round II, and the theme is western. So here is what I came up with.

I went a little wild with the typefaces; aka I used five different typefaces including: Nasty, Showboat, Exotica medium, Bebas, and NeoRetroDraw. All of which are free typefaces. I’m very happy with the way the poster turned out. I was also asked to do the t-shirt design, trophy design, and scorecards.

The t-shirts Are going to be sweet the staff working the event gets Patagonia green dry-fit shirts with this and the competitor shirts will be an off white or tan. All competitors will get a t-shirt.

The trophies are still being made but they are so sweet they are 2 inch thick planks of wood stained with climbing holds mounted to them. they are sweet pictures are to come soon.

A big shout to all of the event sponsors. Hey make these kind of events possible: UTC Outdoors, Collegiate Climbing Series, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Tennessee Bouldering Authority, So Ill Holds, Rock Candy Holds, The Crash Pad, Entreprise Climbing, Rock Creek Outfitters, Dead Point Magazine, Asana, And many more.


The design flow

28 Sep

Lately I have been designing and approaching it in a different way.  Well it is working for me. If i told you what i was doing i would probably have to kill you. So….. yeah well here is the start to a poster series i am doing. they are 15×20 prints and will be up for sale soon. so keep an eye out.

It is a New tomorrow …

6 Apr

So It has been a while since I have posted, and I apologize for that. Sometimes thats the life of a UTC Graphic Design Student. Life just becomes a non-stop blur of School (UTC Graphic Design), Work (UTC Climbing Gym Wall Manger/route setter, Bike Mechanic, and Snow Board Instructor), Internship(Young Monster Screen Printing Shop), Climbing(aka Co-President of UTC ChattNasty Climbing). No breathing time but i enjoy it. I believe it is sometimes the so called “crazy” that brings us down to earth, and opens our eye to what we are truly passionate about. Right now for me I am Inspired by outer-space, woodgrain, geometry, climbing, nature, and of course images. I have also been running a inspiration site called I will soon balance it all out and put up more work but for now I share some screen shots.

The Simple Pleasure

22 Jan

Aight so i think that in everyones lives we all have simple pleasure that we take for granted. Some of my favorites are….

the cool side of the pil;low and being so comfortable that moving becomes the most terrifying task because it is so rare.

the connection between friends to where when you do the most ridiculous, goofy things and for some reason they are in the exact state of mine and have either already started doing it to or jump right in.

the days that are just perfect out; not too hot, not to cold, but just right.

the days sitting around with friends watching movies; particularly kung fu and zombie movies.

playing  Sega with friends.

floating on fresh powder on a blue bird day.

popping a clean ollie over a sewer right before i bomb a hill; carving big cement hill with friends.

landing a new trick after working on it and working on and working on it.

sending a new problem, route, or dyno; barn dooring so hard that you feel like you should go flying off but you keep griping the hold till you can get your feet back on.

GOOD DESIGN… searching the internet and coming across a new artist, finding beautiful package or product design, good typography, and great screen prints.

listening to albums for the first time or listening to them on vinyl; and finding new great bands and dancing to them.

cooking old recipes and reaping the benefit afterwards.

finding great images and scanning them in and using them in my art.

cruising around town on my fixey.

These are just the tip of the barrel. and as cheesy as they sound i enjoy them.

Wet Your Biscuit

14 Jan

WETYOURBISCUIT.COM Is an inspiration blog I start in december. I created it to inspire, promote, and display good design. WetYourBiscuit includes Design, Art, Music, Film, Product Design, and Concepts. Check it out and i hope you enjoy.

Web Banners

12 Jan

So Web Banners …… They are everywhere but it can be harder to find good ones because now days wee see a lot of spam and what not and it is just gross. But there are some decent as well as good one out there. So the Pioneer Woman one you see above isn’t too bad except for the horrible butterflies with drop shadows i mean come on. but other than that it really is a solid web banner. The type treatment works well with the style of the banner, and the color combination works well.

This one is a flash banner from Beautiful Decay advertising t-shirts from independent artist. The style might seem strange but that is the style of Beautiful Decay. Ithink it is a strong banner. Here are some other banners found by a couple of my class mates Austin Reed and Casey Graves. What we decided was that with web banners is that the more simple and less text a banner has the better it looks.

this one is great by the way. simple and well designed.

Layers Magazine Contest: Text Image

24 Sep

Picture 2